In their own words

“When I became street homeless I was clueless as to how to exist and I knew nothing of the services that were on offer to help and support me. Eventually with the help of a worker from St. Mungo’s I was directed to Great Chapel Street Medical Centre where my Doctor identified an increasing need to address a number of long standing and underlying health conditions.

Shortly afterwards I was offered admission to Wytham Hall and I was so glad to come here as my health was in a very poor state. The house I was admitted to gave me the opportunity to address these needs and to relax for the first time in a long time. It gave me somewhere warm, safe and dry and again I would say that it gave me somewhere to relax. It was, and is, a lifesaver. Without it I could see my life going downhill fast. I was depressed. I was tired and completely drained. The timing was perfect.

The house has given me a stable base from which to address my physical health issues and in which to convalesce.

Since I came to Wytham Hall I have come to appreciate the fact that the staff are not on site. That here there is a large degree of independence involved as the residents need to learn to co-exist and to have a little give and take.

By and large the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed and social for those that want it. There is a sense of community within the house, but this is not forced upon me. I can dip in and out as suits me.

I remember one day when I was returning to the house. It was a nice day. The world looked better and as I returned home it occurred to me that I had a feeling of contentment that I had not had for quite some time. It was a nice feeling.

Recently when I have discussed moving on from Wytham Hall with my key worker I have realised that I will miss something of this community feeling and my easy access to a support mechanism.

I have realised that I benefit from supporting others as much as I benefit from being supported."

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